The community of Chavin manage the creation of communal business with the support of Milpo

Members of the Community of Chavin during their visit to the Cerro Lindo Mining Unit

As part of the Social Responsibility Policy of Milpo, it has been promoting the creation and organization of the Communal Business of Community of Chavin, province of Chincha , Ica .

This community is determined to become a model of self-managed community; being one of their objectives, organize their own Community Business, in order to access a better propostal to the provision of services in the Cerro Lindo Mining Unit .

"This is an Important step that we are taking for the development of our community , we know that exists a potential in the services that we can offer , but we don´t have the formality that we need to create a communal business , so it represents a limitation for us. We consider that Milpo can be an ally in the Development of communal businesses"

Mr. Raul Vilcamiza
President of the Rural Community of Chavin

Notably , at this early stage , Milpo has been supporting this effort through Technical Assistance for the creation and organization of communal business. Also, promoting internships programmed with successful community experiences, in order to they have a better vision for this project .

In addition, the manager of Mining Unit, received to members of Community of Chavin in Cerro Lindo, where they could exchange ideas and reaffirm the commitment of Milpo for the development of the Communal Businesses.

Milpo committed to formation of Communal Businesses