The first participatory monitoring 2016 was made with fishermen of Tambo de Mora, members of community Chavín, Topará and Milpo

Milpo with the Association of Artisanal Fishermen of Tambo de Mora and Community Chavin and Topará , working together for environmental protection.

In order to evaluate the quality of water of the beach Jahuay ( Chincha) and the water and air of Topará River, representatives of the Association of Artisanal Fishermen of Tambo de Mora and the delegation of Chavin and Topará; recently participated in the first Participatory Environmental Monitoring.

This activity , driven by Milpo, seeks to maintain an open and transparent communication with authorities and local associations about the environmental performance of Cerro Lindo.

As a starting point , participants were trained by the accredited laboratory. During the working day , the results of previous monitoring were exposed.

In Milpo we look for a participatory and transparent work with community

In the beach Jahuay , fishermen of Tambo de Mora participated in the gathering of samples and field measurement of various parameters. Otherwise, the representatives of the Community of Chavin and Topará participated in sampling air and water in the river Topará .

We emphasize the active participation of both representations, who could validate the proper development of monitoring, which was performed by an accredited laboratory.