¡ Congratulations to our collaborators which are part of Potencial Program 2017!

El Porvenir

Collaborators of the El Porvenir Unit Mine selected for the Potencial Program 2017

As part of good corporate practices and with the competitive and innovate oganizational perspective, since 2015 in Milpo promotes the Potencial Program with the purpose of identify and incorporate leaders in our organization.

For this 2017, after an evaluation process led by VMH, have been selected to be part of the program: Manuel Uturunco, Atacocha and Mayra Rocca, Moises Molina and Jorge Carbajal of El Porvenir, being identified as young profesionals of the organization with a high potencial.

What does the Potencial Program develop?

Promueve el abordaje de proyectos que buscan solución a problemas reales identificados por los líderes de la empresa (70% del contenido). El desarrollo es esencialmente práctico, lo que permite que los jóvenes en entrenamiento aporten mejoras aplicables al negocio, reduciendo costos y esfuerzos en consultorías externas.

Promotes the approach of projects that find solutions to real problems identified by the leaders of the company ( 70% of the content). Development is essentially practical, allowing young people in training to bring improvements to the business, reducing costs and efforts in outside consulting.

Manuel Uturunco - Atacocha Unit Mine

In these 3 years, Milpo has been determinant in my growth . The trust they have given me has allowed me to

develop, contributing my knowledge and enthusiasm to fulfill the project‘s objetives and reach my

maximun potential. I thank the company and the people who represent it, because without them my development

would not have been the same