Good Corporate Governance

In July 2016, MILPO was publicly recognized by the Lima Stock Exchange, for the ninth consecutive year, as one of the companies with the best Good Corporate Governance practices. This acknowledgment means that the Company is included in the Good Corporate Governance Index, along with the Peru’s most outstanding companies that act in accordance with the strictest operating and financial management standards.

This recognition was a reflection of the Company’s emphasis on excellence and transparency in its operations in the local market, especially with regard to its shareholders.

Board of Directors

Current Directory for the period 2016 - 2017

Position Name
President Ivo Ucovichc
Vice President Agustín De Aliaga
Director Jones Belther
Director Mario Bertoncini
Director (Independent) Javier Otero
Director (Independent) Gianfranco Castagnola
Director Tito Martins
Director Felipe Guardiano

Members of Management

Position Name
CEO - General Managerc Tito Martins
COO - Corporate Operations Manager Juan Carlos Ortiz
CFO - Corporate Finance Manager Claudia Torres
Corporate Manager of Human Organizational Development Jean Pierre Padrón
Corporate Manager of Exploration and Geology Enrique Garay
M & A Corporate Manager Diego Miranda
Corporate Manager of Comercial Fernando Marinho
Corporate Manager of Engineering and Projects Eduardo León
Corporate Manager of Supply Chain Marcelo De Assis
Legal and Institutional Relations Manager Magaly Bardales
Tax Planning Manager Ellen Osaka
Manager of Accounting and Control Processes Jacqueline Torres
Logistics Manager Jessica Bedoya
Project Manager Greenfield José Polack
Exploration Manager Greenfield Jonas Silva
Information Technology Manager Patrick Gobetti
Purchasing Manager Luis Mogrovejo
Manager of Geology Mine and Exploration Brownfield Pablo De La Cruz
Commercial Manager Rodrigo Climaco
Finance Manager Samir Moura
Manager of Controller Julio Robles
Project Manager Brownfield Javier Giudice
Commercial Manager Giancarlo Adamo