Social Responsibility and Reputation

MILPO generates value in communities , in its areas of influence, applying a sustainability approach, contributing to the generation of capacities in the population and dedicating efforts to education, health, environment and infrastructure of basic and productive services.

Learn our main social responsibility projects.

Sierra Productiva Project

Cerro Lindo MU

The estimated investment in the "Sierra Productiva" ("Productive Highlands") project totaled over S/. 562,000, earmarked to benefit 100 rural families in the district of Chavín, in Chincha, by developing their productive capacities and optimizing their crop farming and animal breeding systems. As of 2016, the project has become a reference point with regard to the transformation of local economies, helping rural families to transition from a subsistence economy to an enterprisedriven

Internet as a learning tool

El Porvenir MU

Through the "Internet as a Learning Tool" infrastructure project, MILPO has facilitated internet access to three educational institutions in the populated center of San Juan de Milpo, and provided Wi-Fi in the town’s main square. As a result, teachers now have the educational resources they need to aid them in their work, as well as improving children’s reading comprehension thanks to their access to this important resource. As of this date, a total investment of S/. 110,000 has been made, to the benefit of approximately 1,262 children and 950 adults in the area.

Access to drinking water in the populated center of Huanamachay

Atacocha MU

With the active participation of the community, the water system was improved and expanded for residents, achieving universal coverage for home use, to the benefit of families’ health and nutrition, reducing acute diarrhea and other illnesses associated with poor hygienic practices.

MILPO invested S/. 315,000 in this infrastructure project, which benefited 220 communities members from the annex of Huancamachay, in the district of San Francisco de Asís de Yarusyacán, Pasco.

Community-owned Companies

In 2016, MILPO continued to promote the creation of community-owned companies,with the objective of incorporating the community into the value chain of its operations, based on an approach of shared value and sustainability. The goal is for these companies to meet all of the requirements demanded by their potential customers, as well as those established in the laws in force. This is MILPO’s attempt to strengthen the population’s formal insertion into the local economy and create opportunities for development.

This new model is expected to help insert local participants not just during the construction stage, but throughout the useful life of the mine operation. Using this strategy, MILPO fosters improvements to local production standards, committing to help increase local competitiveness in the market.

This year, efforts were focused on consolidating the maturity of communityowned companies through training and management support. With this goal in mind, training was offered on soft skills and business management.