Safety and Occupational Health

Care for our employees is the permanent commitment behind MILPO’s business activities. To ensure this principle, the company applies the Occupational Health and Safety Policy, whose values are life and health protection, processes improvement, risk reduction, safety culture promotion, as well as a continuous training on these subjects.

Milpo’s main purpose is to ensure compliance with its safety policy in the mining units, projects and prospects where it operates, using the Safety Management System (SGS) as a tool to promote better interaction between all employees, focusing on greater linked risk activities.

SGS is also based on the following pillars:

  • Management Strengthening
  • Behavior Strengthening

Equally, Milpo develops an Occupational Health management to minimize exposure to health risks of its employees during work in the Units, as well as to improve their wellness.

The key action lines are:

  • Corporate management standardization of health processes, which defines and systematizes occupational health processes for the whole organization.
  • Transformation of suppliers’ health management towards a preventive one.
  • Prevalence definition of occupational diseases.

Management of Human Risks Insurance, looking for greater investment in prevention programs for the Units.