Our Employees

During 2016, the main task in this area was to use the Personal Development System (PDS) to identify MILPO’s talents, in order to then carry out actions aimed at achieving their maximum development within the organization


For the last three years, the PDS has promoted a human resources management model based on a high-performance culture, strengthening the professional development model and implementing specific actions with each collaborator depending on his/her competencies and potential.

Main Programs:

Internship Program


Allows university students currently in their final few terms to get a head start on their job experience with a month-long summer internship, providing them with a close-up view of MILPO’s mining operations and supporting areas. They will be under the guidance of a mentor.

Trainee Program


Aims to have the participation of high potential young talents and train them in MILPO’s culture, in order for them to assume new responsibilities progressively.

¿How does the program work?

The first two months, the trainees take part of the integration phase in the unit, where they were assigned. This stage includes visit the corporation in Sao Paulo.

They receive an induction on the job in the main stages in the production process. Then, They are incorporated into the area they were selected. Throughout the program receive trainings and workouts. All trainees participe in the Empower program.

Potentiation Program


To accelerate the development of young people in order to strengthen the succession pool and, in addition, to promote intercultural encounters between the units of Brazil and Peru.


The program has two forms of income: external and internal. The first, is through the Trainees program; The second, is through a contest between young professionals who already work in VM.

Empowering promotes employees training (trainees and young professionals) through trainings conducted by the Votorantim Excellence Academy.

The program includes the mentor’s guidance and development interviews conducted by DHO. As well as the development of challenge project to meet an operational and real need designated by Milpo’s board directors. The improvement the participant achieve will be executed in the units best fits .

Cultivating our Leaders


Aimed at all collaborators who are in charge of other personnel, in order to foster the self-awareness necessary to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement


This training is a key part of the organizational culture at MILPO and Votorantim. The program has a total duration of three years, running from 2015 to 2017.