Environmental Management

MILPO promotes the implementation of high environmental standards, highlighting the principles of prevention, mitigation, and control of possible environmental impacts caused by its operations. The Company’s practices are based on an Environmental Management System (EMS).


One of the main aspects that concentrates MILPO’s attention is the proper and efficient water resources management used in the operations :

  • Cerro Lindo MU: Filtering efficiency was increased from 40% to 50% at the Reverse

Osmosis Plant, maintaining the authorized intake volume and water efficiency at 92%.

  • El Porvenir MU: The pumping system was implemented from inside the mine to

the plant and the upper mine, and a new thickener was installed in the plant to increase water recirculation and diminish the percentage of water in the tailings pond.

Atacocha MU: A clarifier was installed for mine water, eliminating the consumption of freshwater for the plant from the Huallaga River. The dumping point in the Atacocha basin was also eliminated and water was reused for mine and plant operations.


As part of the operational integration of the El Porvenir MU and the Atacocha MU, major reductions in energy consumption have been implemented. Specifically, the underground operations have switched over from the traditional system to the LED system for ore extraction.


Waste management is regulated by the EMS, the approved environmental management

instruments, and the laws in force. MILPO also submitted manifests on the disposal of all hazardous waste generated in its mining units to the competent authority (OEFA) within the first fifteen days of the following month. The Company also has environmental management plans that establish the disposal procedures for hazardous and non-hazardous waste, as well as contingency plans in case of any type of incident.


The effluents generated by MILPO meet the respective environmental standards and do not have any negative impacts on local sources of water or habitats.


Although the environmental impacts tied to the transport of concentrate, materials, inputs, and personnel are not significant in MILPO’s operations, a range of initiatives are currently being implemented, aimed primarily at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The Cerro Lindo and El Porvenir MU implemented the Environmental Education Program, providing training on RCAs to the unit’s operating areas. Training sessions were also held as part of World Water Day, International Earth Day, and World Environment Day, fostering care for and protection of the environment.