About Ethics Line

Nexa has established the Ethics Line which is a communication channel to learn about, analyze and solve any issue related to Nexa‘s Code of Conduct​​. The Ethics Line is available to both internal and external stakeholders.

The Ethics Line is an impartial and transparent channel that guarantees the confidentiality of the information reported and preserves the identity of the people involved. The objective is to promote a better and fairer workplace environment for everyone. You can use this channel to clarify questions of interpretation, to register incidents of non-compliance with the Code ​of Conduct, and to follow up on an incident that has already been reported.

The Ethics Line service is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

When reporting an incident, you may choose to remain anonymous. To contact the Ethics Line, please access the following link or check our phone number according to your country:

Brazil: 0800-892-0741
Peru: 0-800-50-000 (spanish operator) / 0-800-50-288
USA: 1-855-888-9926
Austria: 0-800-200-288
Canada: 1-855-888-9926 / 1-855-350-9393