Milpo and the Quinoa ( Pasco) community are promoting reforestation and forest forming of Quenuales

Milpo and the Rural Community Quinoa - Pariamarca of Pasco are working together to promote the creation of green areas , restore deforested areas , as well as generate a focus of local business in the community.

Under the Temporary Employment Program promoted by Milpo, the community have initiated activities for the implementation of a forest nursery seedling production as eucalyptus, pine, cypress and ornamental; and the development of forestry for the formation of a forest Quenuales .

This initiative is very important for the population because it will capture more oxygen, promote care of the environment and create jobs.

The president of the Rural Community , Mr. Julio Niño , highlighted the benefits of the program for the population and for environmental protection.

He is grateful for the opportunity to create jobs for his community members, considering the high unemployment of the community; and generate opportunities for local businesses with the sale of seedlings to neighboring communities.

"For us this work is important because it will allow us to create jobs in the community and create environmental awareness in our people . We are working in our nursery in order to produce seedlings to reforest our outstanding areas ; we have the advantage that these forest can generate funds to sell to other communities".

Mr. Julio Niño
President of the community
Quinoa Pariamarca - Pasco