We achieved with success the third stage of integration of the units mines of Pasco with a unique line of energy

Recently, Milpo achieved successfully the third stage of the Consolidation of Pasco Mining -the operational integration of Atacocha and Porvenir-with the development of transmission line 138 kilovolt (kV) which replaces the system Rental 50kV and will bring improvements to the security of the city, Cerro de Pasco; and save investment for the Company because avoids the construction of a transmission line energy for Atacocha and more capacity for the future demand of energy which implies the expected growth of production.

From the beginning, the proyect was proposed as a new transmission line away from the city to improve, in this way, the accomplishment of security standards to prevent accidents.

Starts in Paragsha II substation, arrives on the El Porvenir and finally interconnects with the energy system of Atacocha.

In this way, the consolidation of Pasco mining closes the third stage of the integration process and moves to the fourth and final stage of the proyect, which consists in the underground integration of the mines.