Chaccu in Chavín

With the support of Milpo, the rural community of Chavín organized and carried out the traditional practice of capturing and shearing vicuñas.

As part of our commitment to culture and the reevaluation of the traditions maintained by the communities in the areas where we operate, Milpo contributed to the conducting of the activity known as the "Vicuña Chaccu" in Huarasaga. This ancestral pre-Hispanic practice consists of sealing off large areas of the high plains with large numbers of people, who work together to gradually reduce the area available to the vicuñas, herding them in this way so that individual animals from the herd can be selected and sheared.

On this occasion, the event was coordinated with the Servicio Nacional Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre (National Forestry and Wildlife Service) (SERFOR) and the Agencia Agraria Chincha (Chincha Agrarian Agency), who ensured that the activities were carried out safely.

Around 200 villagers took part in the event, and they were able to capture 100 vicuñas and gather 10.02 kilograms of fine vicuña wool. This activity directly benefits local families, who are able to invest the funds raised for the wellbeing of the entire community.